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Of Mice and Men

Ok, so nothing actually about men here, I just didn’t have a catchier title. If you live in the foothills, you know that at some point you’re going to have a mouse or two in your house. If you don’t yet live here, but are considering it, know that at some point you’re going to[…]

For the Love of Gumbo and an Ode to Roux

Oddly enough, I’m finding myself in the exact same place that I was in March of 2021 regarding a topic for this column. So, with a bit of a cheat, I’m copying the intro from that column and let’s see what random thoughts follow. It will be a surprise for all of us, isn’t that[…]

What’s in a Name?

I used to be a wreck about naming livestock and pets that came to live at the farm. Especially the newborn alpacas, if we didn’t have a name in the first 20 minutes then I became an idiot about it. The idea of an unnamed animal was just unacceptable. Ridiculous, right? I kept a running[…]

The Choice of Happiness

You know how the universe has a way of putting things and ideas and people in your path to shine a light on an area you might want to put some awareness on? Recently for me it’s been about our ability to choose happiness. It seems wherever I look lately, there’s another reminder, front and[…]

Fire in the Hole!

We’ve had an alpaca farm for over 18 years and 4 locations now, and not since 2007 have we had water at our barn. Up on Black Mountain we had a creek-fed trough quite a ways away and across some rough terrain from the barn. (Who am I kidding, that entire property was rough terrain[…]

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