What’s in a Name?

I used to be a wreck about naming livestock and pets that came to live at the farm. Especially the newborn alpacas, if we didn’t have a name in the first 20 minutes then I became an idiot about it. The idea of an unnamed animal was just unacceptable. Ridiculous, right? I kept a running[…]

The Choice of Happiness

You know how the universe has a way of putting things and ideas and people in your path to shine a light on an area you might want to put some awareness on? Recently for me it’s been about our ability to choose happiness. It seems wherever I look lately, there’s another reminder, front and[…]

Fire in the Hole!

We’ve had an alpaca farm for over 18 years and 4 locations now, and not since 2007 have we had water at our barn. Up on Black Mountain we had a creek-fed trough quite a ways away and across some rough terrain from the barn. (Who am I kidding, that entire property was rough terrain[…]

The Muck Stops Here

August 3, 2020 I like to celebrate things. Birthdays, holidays, events, a productive day, a lazy day, Tuesday. And sometimes I like to celebrate with a little present – you know, a treat. Such was the case at the end of July when I’d had a particularly fruitful work week. My husband and I were[…]

A Little Sick Humor Literally

April 1, 2020 In a brief change from my usual Adventures in Farming approach to this column, I, too, will be jumping on the health information bandwagon. Because, really, we haven’t seen enough articles and received enough emails on the subject, have we? First, in these challenging and downright freaky strange times we are in,[…]

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